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To assist and empower clients to grow and reach their educational and career goals by tailoring a process specific to their needs; regardless of their circumstance.


Integrity - Treat others the way I would like to be treated
Honesty - Deliver what is promised
Commitment - Endure through your circumstance

About Kegler's Consulting

Dorothy E. Kegler, Ed.D.

Author – My Journey: Butterfly Wings, Mastering the Art of Success, with Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, and others, and featured in Faith Lessons: Experiencing the Miracles, with Robert Schuller, Jennifer O’Neil and others

Inspirational Educator – Topics include: Inspiration, Leadership, Customer Service, and Communication

You may choose from the topics listed below, and packages can be customized to suite your specific needs.

Topic: Inspiration

How to Pursue Your Passion and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This workshop is designed to help others get inspired to, “Pursue your Passion” and "Get Out of your Comfort Zone.”

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Guided techniques are from books written by Dr. Kegler. Learn “how to” techniques that will be used to guide you through an inspirational process to set and reach your goals/intentions; get out of your comfort zone; and keep the passion/purpose your own. In this session, intentions are to learn:
  • How to set your goals/intentions
  • How to reach your goals/intentions
  • How to "get out of your comfort zone”
  • How to keep the passion/purpose

Topic: Leadership

The Real Leader in You

This workshop will help guide you through assessing your own leadership skills. You will be exposed to how you can tap into sources to determine your leadership style. Also, you will learn how to determine the leadership styles of others and how to effectively use all styles to help you become a real leader. In this session, intentions are to learn:

  • How to determine your leadership style
  • How to determine the leadership style of others
  • The real leader in you

Topic: Customer Service

Learning Excellent Customer Service Techniques

Sometimes, we may be in a bad or good mood depending on how our day is going. Therefore, when we want service from someone, either in retail, grocery store, or other public facility, we want to be treated with respect and courtesy. However, on some occasions this does not happen. The person who is giving the service may be either in a bad or good mood also, and this can affect the service we receive from those individuals. In this session, intentions are to learn:

  • What is “good” customer service
  • How to stay positive even when in a bad mood
  • What is “bad” customer service

Topic: Communication

So you want to Learn how to Communicate

Communication is an important technique which can be learned. We all can improve in one way or another on our communication skills. Communication can be verbal, non-verbal, or written. In this workshop you will learn the different means of communicating and how you can communicate more effectively to reach your goals. In this session, intentions are to learn:

  • What is communication
  • Learn the different ways to communicate
  • What is your communication style

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